The Sukhi Bath Foundation was created by local Surrey businessman Sukhi Bath in 1994. ​It was established not to be generic non-for-profit organization, but to be a helping hand to causes promoting growth through kindness. Whether it be setting up and running eye camps in India, or promoting cultural events in the community, SBF is there to help. Over time, the Sukhi Bath Foundation has been proud to sponsor, organize and run weddings for the impoverished, eye surgery camps and artificial limb centres, scholarship funds for women in need in India and cultural events in both Canada and abroad.

If you are interested in organizing such an event, or are a writer/artist who believes they can contribute at a cultural meeting, please contact us.


Our Vision

Indian Weddings 2 - Sukhi Bath Foundation
Typhoon Relief Fund - Sukhi Bath Foundation
Punjabi Culture Promotion - Sukhi Bath Foundation
Indian Weddings - Sukhi Bath Foundation
Filipino Independence Day 2 - Sukhi Bath Foundation
India Weddings 3 - Sukhi Bath Foundation
India Eye Camps - Sukhi Bath Foundation
Indian Youth 2 - Sukhi Bath Foundation
Indian Youth - Sukhi Bath Foundations
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